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Upcoming Events 

September 27th--Sunday School at 9:30 am, Morning Worship at 10:30, and Prayer Meeting at 6:00 pm

September 27th--Robert Truelove will be with us in morning service

September 30th--Bible Study at 6:45 pm

October 4th--"Back to Acts" with Bishop James Cossey at 9:30 am, 10:30 am, and 4:00 pm

October 7th--Begin Bible Study on the book of Revelation at 6:45 pm

December 12th--Annual Dinner Theater at 5:00 pm with entertainment supplied by Bishop James Cossey

Outlines for our Hebrews Wednesday Night Bible Studies

Lesson for August 19th, Conclusion-//

Lesson on Motivation & Warning-//

Lesson Outline for July 22nd on Exhortation to Holy Living-//

Lesson Outline for July 15th on Encouragement-//

Lesson Outline on Jesus-//

Lesson Outline on Exemplars of Faith-//

Lesson Outline on Joshua-//

Lesson Outline on Moses-//

Lesson Outline on Isaac, Jacob, Joseph-//

Lesson Outline on Sarah-//

Lesson Outline on the Ultimate Test-//

Lesson Outline on the Patriarchs-//

Here is the link for our 4/8 lesson on Abraham-//

Here is the link for our 4/1 lesson outline on Enoch & Noah


Here is the link for our 3/25 lesson outline-//

Here is a link to our Outline of Hebrews-//

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